The right path to effective learning

Learning. Managed.

Deploy and track online learning initiatives with a modern and user-centered learning management system. Enjoy top-notch capabilities in content delivery and information management, all in a comprehensive digital learning solution.

Simple and Intuitive

Provide effective online learning experiences that satisfy learning goals and are relevant to targeted competencies. Offer a tool that is simple to navigate and access coursework.

Easy and Complete

Determine learner progress and evaluate the effectiveness of your online learning initiatives. Utilize the many features for assessment, gamification, and social learning. Easily gauge engagement and performance through reports and analytics. All with a comprehensive installation and support services package.

Learner Experience


Straightforward enrollment and informative dashboards. Your learners will enjoy easy access across platforms and device types.


Through chat, forums, or videoconferencing. Learners and instructors can stay well connected while participating in learning activities.


Multiple content and interaction types create an engaging and media-rich environment for your learners.


Use the various gamification and social collaboration elements and increase retention and completion.

Admin Experience


Take full advantage of the possible extensions of your LMS. Support user interactions through videoconferencing. Integrate with e-commerce services and sell online courses.


Remain informed on the performance of your learners. Access real-time reports on usage and engagement at the course and individual level.


Align with your company's brand with customizable themes and white-label features. Create interactive courses, include multiple assessment types, and establish a unique learning experience.


Implement security requirements and controls to protect your users and system. Assign custom roles and permissions according to your organization's needs.